Perfect-IT App Development

Perfect-IT App Development

Business model could change your life with professional software development.


App Development Company In Malaysia

Pics is one of the best app development company Malaysia which is founded in 2015. It is a leading app development company Malaysia which has an experience of 10+ years. It is famous for custom software developmentWeb development and Mobile Apps development.  We are one of the fastest-growing companies in Asia.

At Pics, we develop apps for all mobile system like for android or ios devices. We have been creating excellent user-friendly apps for our customer in the last ten years. We have more than 100+ satisfied clients from all over Malaysia. We are focused towards our work and deliver the apps tour client according to their requirement. We have several portfolios for our clients. We have a lot of experienced and professional team member who provide the best solutions. We understand your need and requirement then we proceed to our work. We are the well-known app development company Malaysia among the people. We provide the best quality service to our customers so that they will come again and again.  In our10+ years of service, we developed many apps without any error. We developed user-friendly apps with 24hour customer service. You can check our reviews given by our clients so that you can know more about us. We have up to date technologies and software according to the market trend. Our all team members are well qualified and up to date with the techniques. We consistently deliver the best results to our clients so that they can be happy from us.



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Perfect-IT began developing apps in 2014 and has grown into a reliable
software, mobile app & CRM development. (Web development since 2010)

In the past, we have already developed a variety of mobile apps including
similar services, Food Delivery, Property Matching, Property Management
System, Goods Delivery Service, Wedding Services, Holiday & Travel App,
Coupon System etc for all kinds of business.



Customize your own,
we would build for you.


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Website Development

A professional can get a customized website built for their business objective
according to their specifications. This business model works best for revenue
who have a good customer base and don’t wish to share their profits with
the aggregators.

With the website, you able to create online automation, handle incoming
orders, seamless checkout, ability to run and configure offers,
multilingual support, facebook ordering and on the go communication with
customers, sending real time offers, push notifications, applying coupons
and CRM.

Mobile App Development

An app that provides platforms for travel agencies or transportation
company to post their deals & packages. It also act as a social media
platform that allows individuals to post their holiday memories and
creates trips among friends. The app consist of in-app wallet for points
purchasing, leader board for top followers and top likes, amazing rewards
post by merchants for users to redeem.

Software Development

Custom system (also known as tailor-made system) is system that is
specially developed for some specific organization or other user.
As such, it can be contrasted with the use of system packages developed
for the mass market, such as commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) system.
Why companies prefer custom system over the ready made system in
the market? This is because they commonly use custom software for critical
functions, including content management, inventory management, customer
management, human resource management and integration of system
to different organization like the government, payment gateway and banks.